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Proposed DAIC Schools

School of Socio-economic Transformation-

This School aims to conduct, promote and support research on socio-economic transformational studies which may develop an economic model for overcoming economic, ecological and social crisis in emerging New India. The School will also charter out ways for socially balanced and resilient economy. Poverty reduction, radical improvement in agricultural productivity, strategies for industrialization, redefining labour space, enhancing employability of the work force, industrial and technological modernization for social sector, etc. will be the some of the issues which will be taken up by the centre.

School of Studies on Dr. Ambedkar -

Babasaheb Dr. B.R. Ambedkar, the Chief Architect of Indian Constitution, was a scholar par excellence, a philosopher, a visionary, an emancipator and a true nationalist. There is a great deal that we can learn from Dr. Ambedkar's ideology and philosophy which would be beneficial to our Rashtra-building endeavour. His intensive studies in economics and immense interest in social reforms paved the path of socio-economic transformation. This School aims to conduct research on relevance of vision, theories, principles and policies of Dr. Ambedkar on Labour Reforms, Central Water and Irrigation Policies, National Grid System, Women Empowerment, Entrepreneurship in the Marginalised Sections of Society, Economic Equality, Indian Foreign policy and the Prevailing Education System. It will also be an intellectual repository of all works on Dr. B R Ambedkar, It will have copies of all research dissertations and thesis through international academic collaborations.

School of Policy Making and Policy Advocacy-

DAIC aims to act as a think tank for the Government and Non-Government Organisations in Social Sector and review policies for further improvement. The researches which may facilitate the government and other authorities in policy making will be the main focus area of DAIC. For effective and complete implementation of policies, DAIC proposes to run training programmes for policy advocacy both for officers and scholars/students. The benefits and outcomes of the government schemes for upliftment of marginalised sections of society will be analysed for increase in outreach and penetration. A few courses may be designed in a way which may be made mandatory or the part of the training programmes of the officers of the Government and Non-Government Organisations. Besides this, some special courses would also be designed and run at DAIC and its inter University Networking may help in awarding certificate/degree/diploma for such courses.

School of Buddhist Studies-

Centuries back, Buddhism originated in India and due to its highly scientific approach and transformational tendencies, it spread across the world and consequently earned a position of high repute for India as the Master of knowledge round the globe. DAIC aims to study advanced research on Buddhist thoughts of peace, and non-violence and social relevance. The Centre will work in collaboration with some universities and Buddhist Study Centres of excellence both in India and abroad to focus on creating a common platform for establishment of international fraternity among all Buddhist countries to combat with the emerging challenges in the fields of religious radicalism, world peace and inclusive growth.

School of Sustainable Development and Livelihood-

In view of population explosion, it is estimated that the consumption of drinking water and food will almost double by 2030. This may adversely affect all sorts of development. Malnutrition, starvation, drought, diseases, unemployment, corruption, trade war, violence, religious radicalism and degradation of human values may be the severe problems which may hinder the progress, overshadow the policies, ruin implementation strategies and wash out developmental techniques. To help and support the Government and the Non-Government organisations, DAIC aims to focus on conducting applied researches on new and effective ways of agricultural productivity so that India can have self-sufficient food production. Energy, Education, Health, Habitat, Water and Warehousing will be other important focus areas of this School.

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