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workshop on Empathy Training on the occasion of World Kind Day

Dr Ambedkar International Centre conducted a workshop on Empathy Training on the occasion of World Kind Day (13 November 2018) in Nalanda Hall. The Workshop was attended by 126 students, coming from various colleges of the University of Delhi and 13 Staff members of DAIC. The Workshop began with Saraswati Vandan and a short clip, highlighting Babasheb Ambedkar’s vision of Socio Economic Transformation and a few activities of DAIC. Sh. Atul Dev Sarmah, Director DAIC welcomed the guests and participants.

After the floral welcome, the Addition Secretary, Ms. Upma Srivastava from the Department of Social Justice & Empowerment delivered a motivational lecture to the participants, urging them for celebrating and promoting good deeds in life. She encouraged students to go out and share love and empathy. She said that positive emotions increase the strength of our physical health; also focusing on warm and compassionate thoughts about others gives us inner solace. She concluded her talk by showing a video clip and encouraging the participants to look beyond themselves and beyond the boundaries of country, religion, caste and so forth.

The second segment of the workshop was conducted by Dr Mukti Sanyal, Principal Bharti College (University of Delhi). Dr Mukti involved the students in various activities. ‘What is need of the hour is to learn the art of living together by showing empathy’ – this was gist of practical exercises. Dr Mukti gave also discussed about human relations and emotions. She said if we have to achieve the goal of peaceful coexistence, then we must learn and inculcate the feeling of empathy in society.

Jt. Secretary (BC), Sh. B.L. Meena’s presence also graced the workshop. Vote of Thanks was conducted by Dr Devender Singh, Associate Professor DAIC.

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